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Weekend nest box update

After the lovely warm weather we had during the week, this weekend has been quite disappointing. Saturday was grey and gloomy with a really biting wind and today, although  a little warmer, has still been grey. It did not stop me getting out and about in the garden and there has still been quite a lot of activity in the nest boxes.

Oak tree nest box:  Blue tits in and out. They have taken some nesting materials in, but then taken them back out again!!

Sideview nest box: Great tits are in and out of here. No nesting materials yet, but lots of pecking!

HandyKam Plum box: Blue tits in and out. Some nesting materials and quite a lot of wing fluttering

HandyKam Patio box: This is the box that I have only just put a camera back in. It is close , feeders and as I have continued feeding later than usual, I did not think they would use it, but they have proved me wrong. This box has been the busiest today, with blue tits spending a lot of time in this box, looking at wing fluttering.

WW Discovery box: The great tit has continued to bring nesting materials in and we seem to have moved from moss to hair now. Quite a cup forming in the nest now. She roosts in there each night now too.

Oak tree kestrel box: Both the jackdaws and the stock dove have visited today

Barn kestrel box: No visits from the kestrels for the last 3 days….. I have heard them, fingers crossed they will re apperar very soon. I will keep monitoring the box.

It is hard to keep up with all the activity now. Goodness knows how I’ll cope if I have birds nesting in all the boxes!


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