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We’re still here!!

I was REALLY suprised to find all the chicks STILL in the nestbox today on my return from work!. I am glad though as I work from home now, so hopefully I shouldn’t miss their departure. The smaller chicks seem to be catching up now and maybe that is why the parents have not encouraged them out…. obviously better to wait until they are all ready. I am presuming that the parents encourage them out by calling to them with food outside, rather than the chicks deciding on their own that they are ready to go???? …. Im not sure.  Anyway, they have been very well fed today, with some huge beaks of  caterpillars, flies etc being bought in by the parents.

Quite a lot of preening went on today as well….. getting those feathers ready for that first flight and they kept looking up at the entrance hole…. contemplating how they were going to get up there!


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