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View from a chair…….

One thing I am not very good at in my garden, is actually sitting down and enjoying it! I seem to be constantly on the move.. weeding, trimming, planting, filling, emptying, watering, sweeping, cutting……

Despite my constant activity, the birds still visit the feeders and I have been delighted to have had some really quite close encounters with the bullfinches over the last few days. Up until a year ago, a bullfinch was still a relatively rare visitor… over the winter, they would visit, but any movement and they would be off. Gradually, they have become more and more confident and are now happy to visit the feeders and surrounding area, even if I am in the garden. It is such a special moment, when the wildlife in your patch seems to know and trust you… enough for you to have special moments when you both share the same space; trusting and confiding.

For a few times today, I have taken the time to sit with a cup of tea and my camera and take photos from just one chair on my patio. These photographs are not award-winning images… they just represent that special time when I engage with and interact with the wildlife that I strive to attract and support. They show images of a selection of species that visited. The best things in life are definitely free! I cannot express how special it is to sit only 2 metres away from 2 pairs of stunning bullfinches who are comfortable in my rather excited presence!

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did the encounters…….

FromAChair _LR_-5263


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