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‘Ugly-Bug’ Jackdaw Chicks

When I found my jackdaw nest last weekend, I think the chicks were just a few days old. Although the camera set-up in this nest box is not particularly good, it is still good to watch this new family. There are three chicks who are growing fast and being fed well by the two parents. Today, the camera had been knocked and was not longer facing the chicks. This nest box is easy to access and the parents leave the box for quite long periods of time looking for food, so it is easy to nip up the ladder.

I waited until the parent left and climbed up to the nest, this time with my camera! Pressing the camera back into place, I held the camera inside the box and took a few quick shots so I could see exactly what these chicks are looking like now…





Their eyes are just starting to open and I must admit, they are not the sweetest looking of chicks! Their feathers are only just starting to come through and their beaks seem way too big for their bodies! I am sure they are going to look much nicer this time next week when their feathers are through and their eyes are open!

Here is a clip of them this week…

I think we will see a big difference this time next week!


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