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Twigs, leaves, clay and woodland creatures

I always love it when my niece and nephews come to visit as they are such a lovely age…. at 6 and 4,  Rory and James are at that lovely stage where everything is interesting and exciting and they love spending time outside with me and Emma, at 2, is now old enough to join us on our outdoor forays!

With the sun shining and some new ideas I wanted to try out, we headed out into the sunshine. Clad in wellies and clutching plastic carriers, we headed up the bridle path collecting twigs, leaves and anything interesting we could find to make some woodland creatures. We looked for twigs that would be good for arms and legs, leaves that might make ears… anything to get them looking! We spent a great 40 minutes filling our bags and searching the hedgerow, ground and bushes. They loved it!



Then it was back to the garden. I gave the boys some air-dry clay and showed them how they could use the bits they had collected to make their own creature. … 

and I made one too!


I was great fun and the boys made a lovely troll each. They chose somewhere in the garden they would like their troll to live and we took photos….


They both wanted to make something else then. James found an empty snail shell and made his own snail!….


Rory and I used teasels to make hedgehogs…


The whole clan then posed for a photo!!!


We really loved making these and it is definitely an activity I am going to do with the kids at school. Loads of possibilities, with links to writing and art as well….


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