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Trapped Wood Mouse

I went to fill up my bird feeders tonight, and on opening the plastic tub I found a    trapped in the bottom. He had had a great feast, but was unable to get back up. Gave me a chance to get a really good look at him. Such beautiful creatures.. the  bulge of their eyes remind me of blackberries! I thought it would be really good to try some photography tomorrow if I could get a little ‘studio’ set up, so found an old tank and put some food, water and shelter in, to keep him over night. Carefully tipped the tub down so he would slide into the tank…. or so I thought. I heard a , kept tipping, but nothing. I put the tub upright again to look inside and he had gone! He must have moved so quickly,  and at some point leapt out, but I didn’t seem him! Never mind… I got a few shots and a bit of video with my little Lumix bridge camera  (not quite up to the 7D!)….


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