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Trail through gate… a challenge for the Bushnell!

Early this morning, I nipped back to the same site as I had set the Bushnell up at last time… where I had all the fox scenting footage. I had noticed an old gate, with clear tracks leading from it. Again, something is coming through there on a very regular basis. The gap at the bottom of the gate is quite small…. yet, I could not see any tell-tale signs of hairs trapped. 

 There are some areas nearby that look like they could be badger ‘diggings’. I have a feeling it might be the foxes again, but want to make sure.  I set my Bushnell up on a small post, just a little way away from the gate.  I have set it on 45 second video again. I plan on picking it up tomorrow as I want to set it in a small wooded copse for next week. Would be nice to get something other than foxes!

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