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The WildlifeKate Pond

One of the favourite parts of my garden is my wildlife pond. I had it built about six years ago now, so it is well established and is home to an amazing amount of life. At this time of the year, it looks pretty bare, but this last week has seen the frogs stirring and I reckon there will be frogspawn in the next week or so. Last year, I had the first spawn at the end of February.

As part of my trials with the iPod Touch, I used it to do a short video of the pond. I will try to remember to a similar thing in about a month’s time, so you can see the difference… by the summer it is a mass of foliage and looks very different. I had a go at  the frogs and experimented to see how close I could get…. it seems to be just under a metre. The microphone did manage to pick up some lovely croaking… what a fantastic sound!


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