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The WildlifeKate Hub in winter

Any of you who have followed me for a while, will be know about my hub. For those who are new, this amazing building was built for me by Phil Clarke, after I appealed on Twitter for a carpenter who could build me a bespoke garden building to my design. I had drawn a picture of the building I wanted as my WildlifeKate base… somewhere where I could store all my kit, work and photograph from. This building formed the central part of my show stand at Gardeners’ World Live….


and then Phil rebuilt it here in my garden… and I absolutely LOVE it! 

It is weathering well… has been here about 5 months now.


The green roof is looking OK and I have some lovely nectar rich seed mixes which will be sprinkled on there in early spring and hopefully these will put on a good show in the summer, attracting all sorts of insects. The tyres were added to create depth for planting and I also added logs and broken pots to increase the different types of habitats up there.


Today, I was up in my hub, having a bit of a sort out. I use this space to store all my array of wildlife food stuffs and feeders…..


… as well as all my other nest boxes, lamps, cables… and general wildlife paraphernalia  I also have a desk where I can work when it is a little warmer than today (also made by the wonderful Phil!) and my feeders right outside the window. It really is a very special space!




I also wanted to put the lovely sign, that I had as a leaving present, up in the hub. My Wildlife Club had made it with the help of some staff… all created out of ‘stuff’ linked to me….. bird food, feeders, gardening gloves, and computer stuff as I was the ICT manager….all mounted on an old school bench!  It is a very special present and I wanted it to take pride of place in my hub!

It looks brill and will always remind me of the 22 years that I worked at Water Orton!





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