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The ‘Nut House’ Cam!!

An interesting title to this blog post…. and hopefully so more cool squirrel footage!

I had a wide-angle cam in the ArkWildlife squirrel feeder over the last few weeks and today I moved it over to my home-made ‘Nut House’ squirrel feeder. I made this feeder out of a large glass jar, some wood and a piece of car mat, to allow squirrels in, but to stop the birds. You can see how I made the ‘Nut House’ HERE

Initially, I set it up with the camera outside….

 but this time I wanted to mount the camera inside. I had been trying to think how to attach the camera inside, onto glass. I came up with the idea of using the self adhesive velcro….. works a treat! With velcro on the back of the camera and a piece on th inside of the jar, this is a very easy way of moving cameras around! No fiddling with screws or tape… BRILL!

The camera has a wide angle lens, and gave great shots today of the squirrel coming in….

  Another reason I wanted to set it up was that this morning there appeared to be quite a lot fo husks left in the jar…. suggesting I am having other small visitors in here. To find out, I have set this camera on i-catcher tonight. I-catcher is a piece of motion detection software which will take a still every time there is movement detected. We’ll see in the morning if I have had some mouse, or possibly rat visitors? I have caught a single rat around this area on my Bushnell before.


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