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The Kingfishers are back!

For the last few years, we have had regular kingfisher visitor to the wildlife pond at Yew View. This winter, however, they stopped visiting and we really have not seen them… until last week, when a male appeared back on the post.

The male kingfishers have a black lower part to their bill… the females have orange.

He appeared several times in the week, but did not seem to be hunting… just using the post to perch.

When I checked today, I was really pleased to see a female as well. I think this one is young as the orange on the lower mandible is only just appearing ….

It was also good to see they they had started hunting again… with some success too….

This post attracts all sorts of species. We also had this young jay visit..

We had another great visitor; one of our tawny owlets! Looking all grown up with just a little fluff left on its head, it’s wonderful to see it doing so well. They won’t be hanging around the garden for too much longer as the adult swill chase them out of this territory before the end of the summer.

Let’s hope the kingfishers stay around again. I would love to try some other photographic projects with them…. fingers crossed!


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