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The Hub build continues…..

I spent much of Sunday working on the Hub, mainly the roof. The roof is pitched to ensure that the rain runs down toward the door end and then off into the guttering and down into my water-butt. The edge needed some kind of retainer, to ensure that the soil did not simply get rinsed off. There are different ways to do this… some people use a metal grid type cage that can be filled with attractive rocks, but I wanted a more natural look. I decided to use a mixture of gravel, moss and logs from my winter log burner store. I laid a thin layer of gravel, then some moss on top. I then placed the logs on top, with the ends facing outwards to create an attractive edging. The logs are in my garage port…. and by the time I had carried then up the lane, and up the garden, then heaved them up the ladder, I was ready for a cuppa! I sat back and admired my work… and I am really pleased with the effect!

I then dug a load of soil out of the compost pile at the far end of the garden , wheel-barrowed it down, filled a large container and climbed up on the roof with this in order to fill my tyre planters. They provide the depth needed for some of the nectar rich plants I have bought. I gave everything a good water, including testing that the water ran through the gravel and moss and came out into the gutter… all seems to be working fine. I also started to put some log piles up there. The roof is going to be a mix of habitats rather tan all planted.

I have a window box by one of the hide windows, so some lavenders went in there (they are in pots so I can take them out if they obscure photographic opportunities!)… they smell and look gorgeous against the paintwork….

I searched the garage for a very special door knocker that I have had for years. My current door is not suitable for it, but when I put the hub up, I just knew it would be perfect… isn’t it lovely?!! I may design a few of my own of these, get Phil Clark to make them for me and paint them myself!

The hub feels like it is starting to settle into my garden landscape now…


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