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The first fox cubs appear in the field!

After watching all the Bushnell footage of the beautiful fox cubs, I was sitting at my desk working last night, when something new appeared on FoxCam; the wired camera in the field next to my garden where I feed the foxes every night. A fox cub was also visiting this area; just one from what I could see and I think it looks a but bigger than the ones I have been filming with the Bushnells. I know that several of the vixens have cubs so this could easily be one from another family. This youngster was put in its place by one of the foxes and displayed a lot of very submissive behaviour. These youngsters have a lot to learn as they start to embark on their lives in the big wide world and they will have a lot of lessons to learn if they are to make it to adulthood.

Keep an eye out on my live cameras every night as I am sure we will be seeing more of this little guy and his siblings over the coming months!


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