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The Bushnell Chambord Experience…..

I am home from my Bushnell Chambord experience and I am pretty sure I will be unable to put into words how completely magical and amazing the whole trip has been.  From the minute we arrived, to the moment we left we were treated to a tailored experience where all our needs were catered for and every activity was organised to precision. For anyone who has followed my tweets ver the last few days, you will have got a flavour of the experience… my senses have been bombarded and I can quite honestly say it has been  the most amazing experience of my life.

I have so many memorable experiences that I want to try to share and write about. I am uploading photos at the moment and over the next week or so, I will be building some pages on my website to showcase the trip and all the kit we used as well.

Until these pages are created, here is a snapshot of some of the trip….

Our hotel on the banks of the Loire…..

The view from my bedroom window!!!

An evening visit to get our first views of the Chateau de Chambord…

An early morning hot air balloon flight… yes really!

…. and the most amazing views of wild boar and red deer….

Just  a taster… keep an eye out for the Bushnell Chambord 2011 pages to appear on my website over the coming days….


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