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The big thaw…..

Monday and Tuesday turned the lane into Narnia! The hoar frost was truly spectacular and I have never seen anything like it! I went to feed the hens early on Tuesday, before work. The garden was magical in the rising sun. A bird landed in the oak tree above me and sent a twinkling shower of ice cascading down through the branches, each set of crystals catching the light as they fell…. it was wonderful. I kept thinking….. if only I could get out with my camera! I work from home on Wednesday, so was up early, camera at the ready…. and was greeted by a grey morning and the ice rapidly melting… typical! I took the dogs out and as I returned the sky was lightening, but the hoar frost was gone from the big trees….

I took a few shots, but the true beauty of it all was fading rapidly with the rising temperatures….

The snow and ice has all but disappeared now, leaving the garden a soggy mush! I need to get out and have a good clear up now. The blackcap male has been on the fat feeder again today, but the gloomy skies did not offer many opportunities for photographing him or the four long tailed tits that visited the feeders later in the afternoon. I am hoping the skies will brighten again soon… I would really like to get some shots of the blackcap away from the feeder.


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