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The best things in life are FREE!!!!!

Had a lovely time with my 4 yr old nephew who is staying with me for a few days… we’ve been busy doing lots of stuff in the WildlifeKate patch… and best of all…. everything we did was FREE!

First job of the day was feeding the hens their breakfast…..


….. and check for eggs of course!

There are always jobs to do in the garden and Rory was happy to sweep all the leaves up…. surely it can’t be autumn yet?????

Rory has been interested in all the cameras and the bird feeders and helped me fill them up. He also discovered that if you shake the pot of mealworms before you have put the lid on properly, they tip all over the patio!!

Once that job was completed, it was time for a pond dip! Rory was raring to go and desperate to get his net into the pond to see what he could catch….

Time to look at what we had caught… lots of shrimps, a leech, pond snails, some dragonfly nymphs and best of all…..

… a newt tadpole!!!… and we could hold it!

We filled the hedgehog cam box up before bedtime and Rory wanted to see if the hedgehogs had eaten everything…. he was pleased to see that the bowl was completely empty, so he filled it up again, ready for tonight…..

As if that was not enough excitement, we saw Mungo watching something in the flower bed! It was another vole! We managed to catch it and put it in a tank for a while, so we could watch it. I then put it in a jar for a few minutes, so Rory could have a really close look, before he set it free in the hedge…..

After all this activity, we were feeling hungry… luckily the peas in the garden are ready to pick…..

….. but we weren’t too impressed with the fresh peas!!!

We decided to hunt along the hedge for blackberries! These were much tastier!

… I now have one tired 4 yr old!


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