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Tawnies look set to stay…but a broken egg….

After the drama of the weekend, it looks like my tawnies have chosen the unfinished Bridle path box. With the female staying in the box during the day, it has meant I have been unable to fine focus the camera and reposition it slightly…. rather frustrating as I would have over to have got it right, but still fantastic that she is there.

This morning, whilst I was out, my PC decided to do an update of some kind and to close down. On my return, I booted everything back up, but had lost a couple of hours footage. In that time, some broken egg shell had appeared. I can only assume she did lay, but the egg was broken in some way. May be it had a thin shell or , if she is inexperienced, she may have broken it. A shame, but I am hoping she will lay again. I have managed to get the sound recording in this box on these clips…

She has not moved from the box all day and the male did not arrive until about 7pm. She was expecting food, but he arrived with nothing. I would like to think the beak touching is courtship and bonding… but I think she was expecting food and their close up vision is not good. Considering the sound was working on the daytime clips, I’m not sure why it then stopped on this clip.. it wold have been good to hear her calling…

Technology is great… when it works! Despite the technological challenges I am facing, it is still great to see this happening right outside my house!


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