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Tawnies and Badgers & a scardi-cat Fox!…. a Yew View update!

We have had lots of issues with the  tawny cameras at YewView, as our wireless connection kept losing connection. After much fiddling and rewiring, we have finally got everything up and running … touch wood. It was great this week, to be able to see how often your tawny pair are prospecting….. almost every other night!

A few weeks ago, we put up a Vivotek camera on the outside of the box and this camera, now I have adjusted the IR, is producing some cracking images! I am really pleased with the view and this week , I got some super stills from these captures…

This pair are also visiting the inside of the box. Another month or so and we’ll have a good idea as to whether they are going to nest here again… I really hope so!

This clip shows the tawny outside… just wish this cam had a microphone… might have to look into installing one! You can see it calling…

There is a microphone on the interior of the box, though…

The badgers have been pretty active in the sett over the last few weeks. They are spending increasing amounts of times in there at night… but have not spent the day in there for a long time…

I lifted some still from the footage… I’m chuffed with the footage we are getting from this sett!

They are pretty chilled outside of the sett too!

The feeding station had some interesting encounters this week as well…. we have no idea where this cat has appeared from!

What can I say!!!! 🙂


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