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Take 3 small sieves……

Another KreATivE project for you to try! I saw some little sieves in Wilkinsons a while ago.. they were really cheap and I thought I might be able to create something out of them. Today, I wanted some new cam angles in the WildlifeKate patch, so decided to use these. I simply wired them together through the hole that they would usually hang from and then tightened the wires, whilst ensuring that the sieves fanned outwards, just touching each other.

I chose  fork in a lilac tree above my pond to mount this new feeder. I simply screwed the three sieves into the fork of the tree, using the hole that was in the three handles. I tightened it so they were held securely and horizontally. I then took one of my cams and mounted it so it was level with the sieves. Filling each sieve with a different food stuff, I cam back inside to focus the camera and to check it looked ok.

One of my Twitter followers informed me that the robin had been on already…before I had even got back up to the PC! I know why!…. in the far sieve were live mealworms… I reckon he had been watching me! It was not long before the other birds started to visit… blue tit, great tit, robin and nuthatch so far! I didn’t have much time to capture too  much, but here’s a taster…. keep an eye on my live stream for this new cam angle!

I have set up a Flickr Group; ‘My Patch Project Share’ where I will be loading pictures of KreATivE projects that I trial in my patch. If you have a go at any of these, or are inspired to create something in your own garden, then simply join this group and upload your photos! It would be great to share our Wildlife project creations!


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