Swallows, otters, badgers … Yew View Heaven!

I thought the wildlife was active in my patch, but Yew View view is simply heaving with activity! It is amazing what a 7 acre site can support and our plethora of cameras and trail cams are really giving us an insight into the incredible richness of wildlife… and that only the ‘big’ stuff! The insects and other invertebrates are also amazing, and I am hoping our wildlife blitz with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust in August will help me identify lots of the species that we are getting.

We are still waiting for the first glimpse of this year’s badger cubs. We are getting good views of the badger activity at both entrances of the artificial sett and we can see the female is feeding. I think she had the cubs in late March, so we should get our first sightings of the cubs in May sometime. The feeding station I set up, with the HD Vivotek camera, is giving us fantastic views and we have captured some lovely clips of up to 4 badgers feeding and a fox, who has started visiting this week. There is no doubt who is boss and the fox is always pretty wary, ready to race away at any sign of annoyance from the badgers.

2 badgers plus fox_00000
Fox & Badger feeding together_00000
2 badgers plus fox_00001
Close up fox & badger_00000

Here are a selection of clips captured over the last week or so. Make sure you select to watch in HD as the night-time quality of this camera is brilliant! I am hoping to have one on my fox feeding station very soon!

We have also captured a couple of clips of the fox visiting one of the badger sett entrances. We have plans to build an artificial fox earth this year so the fact they are interested in this sett is a good sign!

Daytime fox at badger Sett 2 26th April_00002
Fxs at badger Sett2_00008
Fxs at badger Sett2_00001
Fxs at badger Sett2_00002

I am particularly excited about the swallow nests! It looks like both the nests with cameras on may be used. One, in particular, has seen quite a lot of activity this week, with straw being brought into the cup and a lot of feet paddling going on. Being the first time I have had a cam on a Swallow nest means I love watching to see what is going to happen next. We may be treated to two clutches from here. They certainly had two, may be three clutches last year!

Swallow brings straw in 30th April_00000