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Sunday Goldcrests

I was working out in the garden on Sunday and I could hear the distinctive high pitch call of a goldcrest. They love one particular fir tree I have in the garden and I often see them flitting around in there looking for food. Grabbing my camera, as the light was not too bad, I stood up on a chair to get a little higher. Goldcrests are incredibly difficult to photograph as they move so quickly and they hide within the foliage. I have never really managed to achieve many good photographs the past. I watched this pair for nearly an hour and, every now and then, they flitted around the edges and I was able to grab some shots. Many were out of focus or I had the foliage in focus and the goldcrest out of focus!

For a few seconds, one came out of the open and down toward my pond. It paused for a few seconds in the bramble and I was able to take a few images, unobscured by foliage!

It also flitted around my large Fuchsia which is yet to come into leaf….

What beautiful little birds and I was delighted to have got some images I was pleased with.


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