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Stunning February Visitors

It has been bitterly cold today, but I had some jobs I wanted to do out in the garden. Wrapped up warm, I was doing some sorting in my hub. The feeders were really busy, so I nipped inside and got my camera so if anything good appeared, I could take some shots. Although it was cloudy today, the light was very even and with the rather drab colours of bare surroundings, the bullfinches and goldfinches were looking wonderful. They were stopping briefly perching before coming onto the feeders. I shot these shots through the single pane glass window in the hub and they were so close, I had to back into the hub to get them in focus! The light was not good enough for a very fast shutter speed, but I was quite pleased with today’s shots, particularly of this male who is simply stunning!






I have had about eight goldfinches in the garden today as well… all squabbling over the sunflower hearts and niger seed. They, too, look stunning at the moment…



My Wilkinson’s whisk is working very well and the blue tits are loving it..



and the robin was using the ladle feeder…

I do have more ‘traditional’ feeders too!


The hub is proving a brill place to photograph from, but I am going to re-develop this area to improve it for photography opportunities. There are lots of annoying branches around and obscured views at the moment. 


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