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Stoats, Grey Wagtail & 2 Badgers in our Sett!

In between working on the tawny box at Yew View this week, I checked all the cameras to see if anything exciting had happened this week. As usual, I was not disappointed! My first check was in the badger sett. I was thrilled to see that our female badger had, once again, taken a snooze in the sett… but this time, there was a difference … another badger joined her!


There was also some new bedding brought in. I have made sure there  is some more straw outside to encourage them to spend more time here.

I also caught captures of some individuals at the other sett… some squabbling occurring around this entrance…

Good to see a fox visit the sett, in daylight, as well…

There was only one otter visit this week. The frequency of visits, to spraint, seems to gradually be decreasing. Visits are pretty brief, but it is still so good to see them every week…

A bonus at this site this week was the appearance, on two occasions, of a stoat. I have captured visits here a couple of times..

A couple of kingfisher individuals have been visiting this week. I uploaded these clips to show how the light conditions change the appearance of this stunning jewel of a bird. It can transform from turquoise to aquamarine….. just beautiful!


Finally, a new species for the kingfisher post! This gorgeous Grey wagtail made a brief appearance. I am hoping to see it again around the garden.



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