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Still no stripey visitors!

Another night, with no evidence of badgers on the cam. Maybe they only came foraging this far as the ground was so hard… now it has rained and there is more food available elsewhere, then maybe they are not coming to me???  I am thinking I might like to invest in a stealth camera (or ‘request funds for birthday and Christmas present this year!! )

This is a device that can be set up in any location as it runs off of batteries. It can then take stills or video when triggered by movement.

I could then set it up in the bridle path where I am finding the droppings. I could also set it up by the hole that I think could be my fox earth and check out areas in my location…. they look really good and you can get some really good video footage. If anyone reading this has had any experience with these stealth cams, then I would welcome your comments!

As I sit here tonight, it is raining and there has only been a brief fox visit to the feeding station. There is, however, a lovely wood mouse sitting nice and dry in my mouse cam box, munching on the peanuts and sunflower seeds I put in there yesterday!


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