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Squirrel Activity in my Pear Tree Tawny Box

Some months ago, I put a Tawny Box up in my pear tree. This is where I had jackdaws nesting last year and I thought they might take to a box like this. I have had very little activity in there, which is always a disappointment when you go to all the trouble of getting a large box like this up and wiring it all the way back to the office! 

Over the last few days, I have had some squirrel interest and, to be honest, I would be happy to have them take up residence over the winter as I would love to see them build their artificial ‘drey’ in here… and possibly breed here???

These two clips, captured today, show are rather exuberant, excited squirrel in the box, followed by it bringing some materials in… a few twigs and a couple of leaves! We’ll have to wait and see !

Hyper Squirrel!

Starting a Drey?


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