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Spring Pond

Life is really bursting in and around the pond. Some of the frog spawn has just hatched and the tiny tadpoles are free of their jelly and just beginning to move around. I have seen some newt action and  everything is bursting into bud and flower. The pond is quite small…. about 4 metres in length and quite shallow and has been established for about 8 years. There is a stream that runs down the back, with pumped water from the pond. This passes through a filter, helping to keep the water clean. There is always loads of life and we always have dragonflies emerging later in the summer and a pond dip will always catch dragonfly nymphs! In a month or so, this area will look completely different! The foliage takes over and water lillies cover the surface. The hostas will emerge, covering most of the gravel and the tree fern (which is just a stump at the moment) will burst into life.

I think the pond is one of my favourite parts of my garden. I love sitting up there early in the morning with a cup of tea, watching all the life…. birds bathing and drinking, honey bees for next door’s hives sipping from the moss at the very edge and all the other life that a small pond attracts.


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