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Sparrowhawk Surprise

I was on the phone this morning, in my office when a sudden movement outside on top of the hedge caught my eye….. a female sparrowhawk, hoping for a catch, had hurtled along the hedge top, sending the house sparrows diving for cover! There she sat, not three metres away from me,  her amber eyes staring intently down into the hedge. Giving a garbled message to the client on the phone, I dropped the handset and grabbed my camera, which happened to be on the desk. The 100-400mm was on it and without even checking the settings, I fired off some shots, through the double glazed window. I was so close, she would never have tolerated me opening the window. At one point, she looked straight at me….. something I will not forget before, in the blink of an eye, she was off!

I picked up the phone, apologised and explained why our conversation had been cut short! Luckily Anna was very understanding… I mean she was speaking to ‘WildlifeKate’… sudden wildlife interruptions are to be expected!

Uploading the photos, I was pleasantly surprised.. the good old Canon 100-400mm had coped brilliantly.. what a stunner!!!


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