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Spagetti Junction!

Wow! What a weekend. Yesterday spent putting up the kestrel box, then today I mounted the nestbox in the oak tree, ran 40m of cable through a very prickly blackthorn and holly hedge and then mounted the garden camera ready for night time viewing. This also needed its cable run through the same hedge! In order to monitor all these cameras, their cables have to come into my office, to my PC. This involved drilling three holes through the wall and then feeding 2 cables through each. Sound easy?? Think again. The cables have three adaptors that have to be carefully taped to create a slimline shape that can be fed through. They continually caught on the side of the holes and it took us about 2 hours to get all the cables into the house. Then my office was strewn with brick dust, wires and adaptors! Took me another 2 hours to tidy up, neatly cable tie all the cables and name them so I know which cables belong to which camera. Miraculously, when I tried each in turn, they all worked. Now I just need to figure out how to work the 4 way splitter that allows me to view 4 cameras at once…. I’ll leave that to another day!


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