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Some feeder shots…..

I snatched an hour yesterday, as it was such beautiful weather, to get some shots of the visitors to the feeders. There is growing interest in the totem platform, but they are still a little nervous about alighting on there for any length of time.  I put a selection of food, including some soaked mealworms, which the robin has just discovered. It would be good to get some shots of him on there, especially if I get some berries and it is a nice frosty morning…. I will have this year’s Christmas card sorted!

The great tits, blue tits  and coal tit are beginning to feed from the hemp seed feeder, but I have only seen one blue tit venture to investigate the linseed… standing on a branch and stretching right up.. made for quite a comical photograph!

Top of the feeder popularity ranks is still the sunflower hearts, by far. The goldfinches and greenfinches feed almost exclusively from this. A close second is the hanging fat block and the fat log.

The leaves are changing now, providing a lovely yellow back drop to some of the photographs… this one being my favourite from yesterday.

 Here are a couple of others from yesterday’s session…..

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