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Siskin Saturday…

I always have a good variety of birds visiting my garden feeders and these feeding stations both have cameras that live stream on the Internet. You may have seen my blog post yesterday, showing 5 minutes of activity on my patio feeders… where lots of different species can be seen. The most exciting visitors this week have been three siskins. These pretty little finches are rare visitors in my garden and, in the past, they have only been around for a couple of days. I am hoping that this trio decide to stay a little longer!

With the light pretty good today, I wanted to try to get some photos, in case they disappeared. Unfortunately, the patio feeders are set up to give a good live view on the camera… the set up is not so good for photography! The feeders have been set in the middle of the patio, with both the feeders and the camera standing on posts that are squirrel proof. The background is not ideal for photography and the only place I could really photograph was when the birds were on the feeders.

Hanging out of a top window in my conservatory was the only place I could get level with these feeders, which are quite high. Luckily, these siskins are not particularly nervous and gave me a few opportunities to grab some shots…

Siskin Saturday _-4208

Siskin Saturday _-4157

Managing to prop the window open a bit more, I managed a couple of more natural shots, when the siskins landed in the trees before coming down to the feeders…

Siskin Saturday _-4197

I was also delighted when the bullfinch female visited. These are much more nervous birds and the slightest movement and they are off. Sadly, the male did not appear, but the female is just as beautiful… just a little more subtle!

Siskin Saturday _-4141

Finally, I had to take a couple of shots of my stunning goldfinch and Sparrow visitors too…

Siskin Saturday _-4191
Siskin Saturday _-4166

I have set a few perches near the feeders, hoping I can get some more natural shots of these lovely visitors.


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