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Silver Trees Tawny Owlet Update

After my visit a couple of weeks ago to Silver Trees to retrieve the Bushnell card at a Tawny box, I returned last weekend to do the same. On uploading the footage from the card, we were delighted to see that there are two Tawny owlets, very close to branching. Tawny owl chicks climb out onto nearby branches before they are able to feed and the parents will feed them from there. Our Bushnell footage showed that these two fluffy beauties were keen to sit on the edge of the box , waiting for parents to return with food.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 18.34.28

We got lots of night-time footage of feeds, but the daylight ones were more exciting as it is lovely to see them in full colour. The Bushnell records in 1080p HD, but the camera is quite far away. Some of these clips have been cropped, so that the footage appears bigger in the frame.

I returned last Sunday at 8pm with Rob, hoping to film the owlets with the Bushnell Equinox night vision, but, although we could hear them in the box, they did not make an appearance and we gave up at 10pm as we were being plagued with midges!

These great photos were taken Peter Barker, a resident in the park who happened to come across one outside of the box during the afternoon….


I am hoping to return to Silver Trees sometime this weekend so I can see if the owlets are out in the trees and to collect the Bushnell card… it will be good to see what has happened in the last week!


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