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Second Tawny owl box goes up

I spent some time with my neighbour this morning, putting up my second tawny owl box.  He has a three very tall Douglas fir trees on the edge of his property and he has heard the tawnies up in these. They are well spread out, with open views over the surrounding fields. We have positioned the box in the middle of these, facing slightly inwards, to avoid the wind from the open side. There is a clear flight path in and some large branches to the side of the box suitable for the fledglings to perch on.

The box is mounted in the trees on the right hand side in this photo.

The good thing about this location is that my neighbour has an open barn, with power quite close to these trees. If we have interest in this box then, in the future there is a possibility that I could get a camera in this box, which would be brilliant.

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