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Second HandyKam Nest Box goes up

Another nest box  has joined my growing collection. Today I put a second nest box up from HandyKam. I have also been given a nest box counter from Nature Counters and I have put this great little device onto the front of the box. I will be putting some more about the counter on my website in the near future, but basically, this device creates an infra-red beam across the entrance to the nest box. When a bird passes through, the device registers it and the counter shows that a bird has been in. There is also a data logger available that I am going to try out where the information can be saved onto an SD card and then uploaded onto the computer. Thank you to Nature Counters for letting me have a go with this kit. I will be reporting on it more when the nesting season begins.

Find out more about these counters at:

The device simply screws onto the front of any  nest box. Different shaped devices can be purchased, depending on the shape of your nest box. I had to adapt this one slightly to go onto my HandyKam box.

I have then mounted the camera in a plum tree at the end of my patio. There are always lots of birds in this tree, so I am hoping it will attract something in the spring… fingers crossed!


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