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Sad demise of my jackdaw chicks

I have posted a few clips and images of the two jackdaw chicks in a nest box on a pear tree at the end of my garden. The images were not very good due to an old camera and a long, make-shift wiring system, but it will be better for next year. I have been watching the Springwatch ones closely and will be building something similar next year for my patch!

Early this week, I looked into check the footage in the morning and the nest box was empty. These chicks were about 3 weeks old and , although they looked pretty well feathered, they were not ready to fledge yet. Using i-catcher console, the motion detection recording system I have on my PC, I checked back on the footage. I was horrified to see another jackdaw attacking my chicks and dragging them out, one at a time. I fear these chicks will have perished. There was no sign of them in the morning.

A very similar series of attacks has been happening in the Springwatch Jackdaw boxes.  They have been lucky enough to have chicks that have survived these attacks. It makes you wonder how often things like this happen.

Don’t watch this video if you are easily upset… it is not very pleasant…..


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