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Robin Recipe

A recipe for robin attraction……. dried mealworms, suet pellets, sunflower hearts….

I have 4 robins visiting my feeding area… there is certainly some rivalry going on, but all 4 posed beautifully for me today as I braved the -5 temperatures to try to get some shots. You may remember from my last shots, I have one recognisable robin, as he has some growths of some kind on his cheeks, making them appear dark where the feathers have parted.

The conditions were quite difficult to photograph in.. the snow is so bright when the sun shines on it…. I took lots but here are some of my favourites….

We must all remember to keep water out for the birds as well….

There was a little disagreement over who had the mealworms…..

I had also put a tray of goodies out on the floor…. apple, banana, seed, bread, raisins etc. I have had numerous blackbirds, magpies, wood pigeons and all the other bird nipped down to see what was on offer. They cleared a tray this size yesterday.

I did photograph a couple of other visitors today…blue tits visiting my homemade feeders…

I am also delighted to say I now have two male and one female bullfinch visiting. They are very nervous though and I only managed a couple of pictures on the feeder. They are hiding in the trees behind the trellis before coming on the feeder, so I am struggling to get some more natural shots.


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