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Rescues, Eggs, Epic chick growth, London Bird Watch, filming… was that just one week???

What a week! So much has happened this week, that I could do with another weekend to recover before going back to work in the morning!

The dramas started on Tuesday with my stock dove  and jackdaw battle. Read more about it on my website page HERE. Luckily, it ended with me climbing up and rescuing the doves from the jackdaw assault and them flying off.

I spent Wednesday in an infant school, where I set up the nest box some months ago. I was delighted to have lots of excited kids greet me and drag me straight to the TV to see a fantastic nest built by their blue tit pair! Mass excitement in the school about the prospect of eggs being laid, it was wonderful to see so much shared enthusiasm for this nest box project. I spent a wonderful day helping the year 2 children learn all about nocturnal animals. We even had a real barn owl visit us! I had a super day and hopefully the children did too… their writing and art work certainly suggested that!

Hopefully, I will get a page on my website on soon all about the great day we had. Here are a few of their pictures drawn after learning all about barn owls!

On Thursday, I travelled down to meet John Little. I met him when I did my course on Living Roofs and were keen to meet up again and discuss how I could work with him developing the education side of his business. We had a fantastic meeting and I am very excited to announce that John will be joining me on my stand at Gardener’s World Live in June, giving talks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! So, if you would like to know how you can create a living, green roof on a shed or outbuilding then pop along to my stand.

I then drove across London to stay with my brother. Living in Kingston, it was a nice easy trip for me on Friday morning to go to the London Wetland Centre and to the new event London Bird Watch. I had a super day, met loads of great people, watched Simon King talk all about the live cams and spent a few hours with my camera… a rare treat for me at the moment!

A late night drive back to the Midlands then to catch up on everything.

My Blackbird chick has grown amazingly fast and I have uploaded some more clips onto my blackbird page on my website. Here is a clip from today. Strange how none of the other eggs hatched. He is going to be an only child…. and a very fat one at that!

To round off a rather busy week, I had the Springwatch cameraman, Eugene, back again today to capture a few more clips of me in the garden along with some of the wildlife. Dodging the showers again, we managed to get all that was required. I just can’t wait to see the final piece!

Let’s hope next week is a little less frantic and I can catch up and enjoy the wildlife…… somehow I think it is going to be just as busy! 🙂


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