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Remote recording & monitoring set up finally sorted!

After a lot of playing around with a variety of different solutions, I have finally come up with a solution for monitoring my remote cameras. These are the ones that are too far away from my house to wire and monitor from my office. Thank you to Ian, Gareth and Martin for helping me achieve this! Details of how I have done it are on my website for anyone who wishes to attempt a similar set up.

The idea is that this kit can all be placed in a waterproof box at the bottom of the tree. I will place cameras in some of my remote nest boxes, with a cable running down to the base of the tree. I will then plug in the kit and power the camera and recorder via a 12V lead-acid battery. I will then be able to record the activity in the box.

I tested the kit on my second kestrel box, which is still waiting to go up…. the high winds  have prevented me from doing this, this weekend. Hopefully, I will get it up next weekend, weather permitting.

I tested the kit on the new camera I have for the kestrel box. I connected the camera to my laptop, which displayed the image the camera will produce, helping me to position it correctly.The slideshow below shows some photos of the set up, and the ‘help’ I got from my cats!

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