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Relaxed badgers chill out in our sett

This week at YewView revealed that at least two badgers are still using our camera sett, spending increasing amounts of time in the chambers. Even during the day, one or two individuals are relaxing and looking really comfortable in there, hopefully meaning they will overwinter here. It is wonderful to be able to watch them sleeping during the day. They remind me very much of my dog; the way  the lay and move around. More scratching from the badgers though!

These clips give an insight into the footage I got this week from our cameras. This first clip shows two individuals outside the sett. The extra light you can see is the Bushnell triggering.

These individuals are also visiting our lit feeding station every night as well…

With a lot of rain this week, the river had risen somewhat. The camera is mounted on a floating platform to ensure that is is safe! The high water gave us some nice clips of the dog otter swimming in to the sprainting point..

I just hope these individuals continue to visit. I would love to try the DSLR camera trap down there, but I would be a tad worried with the potential rise of the river… may be I’ll concentrate on wildlife in safer locations!


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