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Red Deer at Badger Bank!

I nipped up tp badger bank today to set up the Bushnells again… I have provided the badgers with something I think they will like and I am hoping to get some good Bushnell footage from it. I won’t give it away yet…. you’ll have to wait until I upload the Bushnell footage!

Whilst I was sitting in the woodland, thinking about how I was going to set it all up, I heard a noise… obviously quite a large animal. Looking through the trees, I could see some deer. They made their way through the wood and out into the arable field. I followed them out and was able to take a few pictures. I did not have my DSLR with me… only the little Panasonic Lumix bridge camera that I use to document my projects. I used the full zoom, as they were quite a way off. Looking at the pictures, these look like two red deer hinds with two youngsters. They paused  briefly, before disappearing into the adjacent field.

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It was great to see them and now I am thinking that I should maybe set one of the Bushnells up on the other side of the wood, where they came through. I am yet to capture any deer on my patch with the Bushnells.

Here are some of the shots I took…..


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