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Rat Youngsters

I have a couple of rats who have started visiting my feeders and I have not been concerned at all, until they gnawed their way into clay cavern! I rebuilt clay cavern and reinforced the entrances by placing 2.5cm nest box protectors over the holes and it seems to have done the job. The rats have an alternative feeding station at hedgecam so I am not depriving them of food.

Last week, I saw a much smaller rat on hedgecam… a youngster, about half again as big as a vole and great to watch. Then I saw some whiskers looking into clay cavern and this youngster squeezed in! They are just small enough to get through the 2.5cm hole and get into the chamber to take advantage of the feast! At one point this you youngster was joined by his siblings….yes! There were 3 in there!

I managed to capture a little bit of video….

It won’t be long before these guys are too big to get in, so until then, enjoy their antics in this rather cramped space!

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