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Prickly Diner gets an Extension!

I have been really pleased with the images of the hedgehogs that I have been getting in my illuminated Prickly Diner, but the image is only good if it comes in from the entrance opposite to the camera which was mounted on a side wall. Unfortunately, one of my newest visitor always comes in at the camera side entrance and then proceeds to eat for half an hour with his prickly bottom right up next to the camera! The feeding station is one from  Ark Wildlife and is quite narrow, so I decided to add an extension so I could mount the camera behind the food bowl, rather to one side. This would ensure head-on views whatever entrance was used.

I cut a section out of the back wall and put a baton across to stabilise it….


I then created a little extension out of some planks….


I then made a roof out the bit I cut off and mounted the camera at the back….




Placing the bowl, I checked the camera image was ok and adjusted the lights slightly…..




It all looked OK, so it was just a matter of waiting for the first visitor. I didn’t have to wait long as  I had an earlier than usual hedgehog visitor at 9pm. The lighting still needs some adjusting as the roof is pretty low. I may try reflecting it a little to light up the face or moving one light down to a side wall. It is all about experimenting until you achieve the kind of image you want. It is getting better all the time though… and the hedgehogs are not worried at all by the lights, as you can see….


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