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Pregnant Vixens, Jackdaws & my Tawny settles on another egg!

After the drama of last weekend, the Tawnies seem to be settled in the Bridle Path nest box, despite its stingy layer of chippings (I was due to add some more before she moved in) and the camera not quite being positioned or focused perfectly (This will continue to ‘bug’ me!).

Despite this, it is SO fantastic to be able to watch this new story unfold. The female has hardly moved since she settled in last weekend. We had the drama of a broken egg mid-week, but then, yesterday, I got a glimpse of  her next egg… hopefully she will have more luck with this one! She has certainly been very careful with it and has only left the box briefly in the period since she laid it.

This was the first view I had of the egg…

and later, when she repositioned it…

I have been struggling to get the sound working properly in this box. You will see that some clips have sound, some don’t! I think I finally have it sorted now and you will see how much it adds to the clip as these owls are very vocal and I love their vocalisations when the male turns up with supper! For the last 2 nights, he has brought her food at around 9.30pm. …

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 23.02.28

As I was writing this post, the male appeared just before half six, with a vole!

It will be interesting to see  how often he starts visiting with prey at night. I am pretty sure that the  surrounding area is good for small mammals and they should have no trouble locating prey!

It is not only the tawnies that are using my boxes… I have numerous tits prospecting and the jackdaws are showing a lot of interest in the Pear Tree nest box.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 15.53.53

My foxes are visiting the feeding station at night as well… and I have two vixens who are looking notably rounded! They will be giving birth in the next few weeks I would think…

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 19.16.28

I’m looking forward to see what wildlife excitements we will have this coming week…..


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