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Polecat and Buzzard snack

Quite quiet on the wildlife front at Yew View this last week. The badgers are less active, but still visiting the feeding station with the foxes, for a snack every evening . One species that has been seen around a lot more, is the buzzard. Taking advantage of the rat population, this buzzard is hunting around the site. I captured this clip when it came down to the feeding station after spying a worm. It always surprises me that these large birds of prey eat worms, but they can often be seen ‘worming’ in fields.

The polecat is also taking advantage of the rat population! The second clip here shows it carrying its prey into the badger sett to consume….

We captured a brief appearance of this muntjac on site too. We see these tiny deer sporadically…

Finally, I have the Bushnell set up on a floating platform down by the otter site (in case of rising waters) and captured 360 clips of moorhen, for one brief visit by the male, sprainting. Good to know he is still about , marking his territory. As soon as we feel confident the river is stable, we will put a wired cam back down here, ready for the spring!

Lots of bird visitors and we are keeping an eye out for the redpoll which we hope will return soon. Meanwhile, I am heading off to the Scottish Highlands for a few days for a spoof wildlife photography… watch this space for some snowy wildlife images… I hope!


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