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Plum tree nest box chicks!

The eggs in my Plum tree nest box started to hatch yesterday and by the end of today, I think nine of the ten eggs had hatched. It is going to be very crowded in there and those two parents are going to be kept very busy! I have a nest box counter on this box, so tomorrow I cam going to start monitoring the number of visits to the nest box each day. It was amazing to see the ‘pile’ of tiny, pink bodies with a little fluff burst on top of their heads!

The parents have been in and out all day, with the female mainly feeding the chicks. If the male arrived and the female was not there, he seemed uncertain as to what to do at first! By the end of the day, he was beginning to feed the chicks himself… although his choice of caterpillars were a little ambitious at times!

Here are some screen shots of yesterday and today…

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