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Pizza Seed Tray…..

Whilst doing my weekly shop, this cheap pizza tray caught my eye…. I could picture it as a seed tray on one of my bird feeders…. much bigger than my current ones, so plenty of space for my visitors to sit. At 89p, I felt it was worth a try….

As the metal tray is quite thin, I had planned on drilling a hole, so I could thread the tray bolt through to attach it to my feeder. I was amazed to discover that the holes already pre-drilled were exactly the correct thread for the bolt… so no drilling!

There was not a hole in the centre, but I wanted to put this feeder on my live stream, so I arranged it so most of the tray is out toward the front of the feeder, to encourage birds in front of the camera. The holes are quite big and some seed will fall though, but it will capture most of it I think…..

Within a few seconds, it was done…

I set the camera so my live stream would have a good view of the birds using this feeder and the pizza tray!

In the time it took me to come inside and go back up to my desk to check the image on the live stream, the feeder was full of birds! Greenfinches, goldfinches and blue tits were all sitting on the tray!

Here are a couple of screen shots from this morning….


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