Pilot Whales, Bonxies and Soaring Gannets: Ultimate Shetland Day 3

We left early, heading north to the island of Unst that would be our home for the next few days. On route, the great Shetland cetacean grapevine informed us that some pilot whales had been seen off of the coast at Skaw. We decided to head straight there to see if we could spot them.

Pulling up at the rather beautiful coast at Skaw, we could not see anything, but made our way down the beach. Scanning with our binoculars, Hugh picked up an otter out in the bay.

We were all delighted to be able to watch this otter diving and bringing up fish. Joined by another individual we watched them as they drifted further out to sea, before we saw Hugh gesturing furiously further up the beach! The pilot whales were still there… but just around the bay. Jumping back into the van, we quickly headed around the coastline to the next beach and headed up onto the cliffs.

As we neared the edge of the cliff, we coul