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Photographing HedgeCam Visitors

As I sat at my desk today, I was watching the visitors to my ‘hedgecam’ which is live streaming during the day. I can see the feeder from my office window and decided to set my camera up so I could photograph the visitors. Using a GorillaPod tripod and a wireless remote, I set the camera up so it was poking out the top window…. bit precarious, but the camera strap was secured around the window handle, so it could not fall out!

I could then watch the visitors from my desk and as a visitor arrived, I could press the remote button and the camera would fire! I positioned it in a few slightly different positions and was quite pleased with some of the results…. sadly, the nuthatch did not visit today. The dunnocks are often overlooked… such pretty little birds and I have one who is particularly striped. The male blackbird is splendid in his breeding plumage and bright yellow/orange beak and eye ring… a sign that he is in prime condition then one of my robin visitor… there are several who visit this feeder…..

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I will be uploading the best of these as high res copies onto my Flickr account in the next few days, hopefully.


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