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‘Penguin Bloom’ – The most touching and beautiful book I have read…

I first read about ‘Penguin Bloom’ on the Internet when I came across some beautiful photographs taken by Cameron Bloom.

Penguin Bloom is the story of an Australian family who rescued a ‘a tiny, scruffy, injured’ magpie chick they called Penguin. In caring for the newest member of their family, the Blooms – including mother Sam, who was herself coming to terms with paralysis after an accident – found that Penguin helped them to heal emotionally. Their story went viral on Instagram and has now been turned into a book, royalties from which will go to Spinal Cure Australia and Wings For Life in the UK.

Intrigued by this story and the special relationship that can develop between a wild animal and a family, I started to try to find out more.


I came across this Guardian article and , after reading this and seeing the stunning images, I knew it was a book I had to get. I was fascinated and touched by the story.

penguin the magpie


‘Our story is deeply painful to share, but it is also beautiful and true. Just know that when I tell you about the tears, the anger and the longing, I am also talking about love. We have laughed till we cried and we have wept ourselves to sleep, for that is the nature of love. Love hurts. Love heals.’

I don’t think I have ever been so moved by a book. I shed tears and felt elated by this incredible story.

penguin the magpie

There are far too many quotes to share all that moved me, but some stand out…

‘Penguin constantly reminded us that we are all part of nature. And the more connected with nature we are, the happier we feel’


‘Caring for Penguin has changed our perspective on life, love and pretty much everything else. She has completely redefined what family means. In the beginning we thought we were rescuing Penguin, but now we know this remarkable little bird has made us stronger, brought us closer together as a family, given us countless reasons to smile and laugh during an extremely difficult time and, in doing so, helped us heal emotionally and physically. So, in a very real way, Penguin rescued us.’


‘angels come in all shapes and sizes’


I can guarantee this book will move you. It hit many chords with me. Many of us have experiences times of trauma and upset in our lives. We all underestimate the power of nature, in its many forms, to heal.

I cannot recommend this book enough… just have a handkerchief handy!



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