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Patio Garden Easter Developments

Just over a year ago an area of my garden, where I had been using to keep my two pygmy goats, became ‘available’ for development after one died at the grand age of 12 years old and the other joined a small farm at a local secondary school.

The space was beyond a patio area at the conservatory end of my house.  It was separated from the patio by a fence and hard surfaced with a small shelter that used to be my kids’ playhouse! Last April, we took out the fencing and dismantled the shelter…




Once this had been done, I was amazed at how large the space was and the exciting potential it had for redevelopment!

On the right hand side, on a much higher level, is an open field. On the left, there is a 20′ drop down a steep bank, to the lane. The whole area needed clearing and re-fencing. It has taken until this holiday to save up and plan to develop the area and, just before we broke up for Easter, a local company came and fenced the area for me and took the dividing fence down. They also built a retaining wall out of reclaimed sleepers, on the right hand side to create a large raised bed which would keep the bank from collapsing.


Over the Easter period, I have spent as much time out here as possible, preparing the soil, clearing and levelling and trying to decide what to do and where! It is a much bigger space than I had imagined  and, now it is all open all the way from the conservatory, the area and view is transformed!

Obviously, wildlife is very much in mind with developments and you will have seen my wildlife waterhole that I created at the far end (see previous blog post). Over the last few days, I have started planting, trying to choose a wide range of nectar or berry-rich plants that will provide food for birds and insects throughout the year. There are lots of bargains around and I purchased some great stuff from both Morrisons and Lidl, who have some super bargains perfect for wildlife gardens….


The raised bed, next to the field is going to be my Buddleia bed and I have planted four different species here. I plan on planting the front of the bed with additional, smaller nectar rich species.


My wild flower meadow at the other end of the garden is bursting into life with lots of new seedlings and I thinned out some ox-eye daisies and campion to add to this bank as well….




I have also planted a range of species such as Nepeta, Scabious, Sedum, Pyracantha, honeysuckle, lavender, oregano and thyme. All of these are loved by the bees and other insects.



This is very much work in progress and I am still trying to decide what to do with the  very end part, but it is safe to say that this whole area will see big changes and transformations over the coming year….


It is going to develop into a space that both the wildlife and I can very much enjoy!

I have also been doing some tidying up the other end of the garden… here’s a few shots from today….

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