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Otters on the River Severn – Filming with Midlands Today

We have worked hard over the last year, to capture footage of otters around Yew View. From setting Bushnells all along the river bank, to monitoring our artificial holt and creating a floating wired cam platform, we have been rewarded with some lovely footage! This week Lizzie Glinka joined me at Yew View with cameraman, Matt Jinks and Harry Green from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to film a piece about otters.


We filmed lots of  pieces, talking about all the aspects of the project, including the challenges we have and filming at a site where the river can rise 6 feet over night! With only a few minutes for the piece on Midlands Today, much ended up on the cutting floor, but a lovely piece went out yesterday and it is always great to be able to share some of the footage we are capturing.

I also did an interview on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester Breakfast Show and you can hear this HERE. My piece is at 02.56.48 .

A big thank you to Lizzie, Matt and Harry for helping to make this piece.


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